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Helen Reavey, a celebrity hairstylist and the founder of Act+Acre, hails from Ireland and is passionate about clean and effective hair care. Unable to find products that met her standards for her clients, she created Act+Acre, which became the world's first Cold Processed hair wellness brand, focusing on scalp health. The brand's innovative Cold Processed technique avoids traditional heat-based production to preserve the potency of natural ingredients. Sustainability is integral to Act+Acre, and the brand represents a reaction to the existing hair care category and a promise of what it can evolve into.

Cold Processed®: Revolutionizing Hair Care with Science

Developed in collaboration with leading scientists, Act+Acre's innovative process employs hyperbaric chambers, ice cold water, and 1,200 pounds of pressure to combine plant-based ingredients. The outcome is a nutrient-rich formula that enhances hair and scalp health, resulting in stronger, more resilient hair. Act+Acre's pioneering approach earned it patent protection from the US Patent and Trademarks Office in 2018, solidifying its role as an industry leader in innovation.

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Making An Impact

Building the Act+Acre brand has been a transformative journey for Helen Reavey, driven by the profound impact she can have on others' lives. Her greatest reward lies in not just enhancing peoples appearance but also in fostering a sense of well-being. Helen's passion is evident whether she's personally styling hair or creating haircare products that empower others to have their best hair (and scalp) days.