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Blank Canvas F20 Soft Touch

Blank Canvas F20 Soft Touch

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Blank Canvas F20 Soft Touch is a face brush with a flat top that makes it perfect for applying foundation, buffing into skin and getting that luxurious, flawless finish. This makeup brush is a must have!

Why you need it

Blank Canvas F20 Soft Touch is a multi-purpose face brush specially designed to suit foundation application techniques for all skin types-stipple or buff your foundation on with the F20 for a HD base. This brush can be used with liquids, creams and powders. It is handmade from extra soft, high quality anti-bacterial, easy to clean synthetic fibres, this brush is also vegan friendly.

This brush is made from high quality synthetic fibres.

Shades available:
  • Black Rose & Gold
  • Hot Pink & Gold


Q: What can the Blank Canvas F20 Brush be used for?
A: The Blank Canvas F20 Brush is a multi-purpose brush that can be used for various makeup applications. It is commonly used for applying foundation, whether it's liquid, cream, or powder. The brush's dense and soft bristles help achieve a smooth and even coverage, providing an airbrushed finish.

Q: What sets the Blank Canvas F20 Brush apart from other makeup brushes?
A: The Blank Canvas F20 Brush is designed with densely packed synthetic bristles that are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. Its flat-top shape and rounded edges allow for effortless blending and buffing, ensuring a streak-free and natural-looking finish.

Q: Can the Blank Canvas F20 Brush be used with different types of foundation?
A: Yes, the Blank Canvas F20 Brush is versatile and can be used with various types of foundation formulas, including liquid, cream, and powder. Its dense bristles effectively pick up and distribute the product, providing smooth and even coverage regardless of the formula you choose.

Q: How do I use the Blank Canvas F20 Brush to apply foundation?
A: To apply foundation with the Blank Canvas F20 Brush, you can follow these steps:
Start by dotting or applying your chosen foundation onto the areas of your face.
Gently blend and buff the foundation using the brush in circular motions or light strokes.
Build up coverage by layering the foundation where needed.
Continue blending until you achieve your desired level of coverage and a seamless finish.

Q: Is the Blank Canvas F20 Brush suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, the Blank Canvas F20 Brush is suitable for makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels, including beginners. Its user-friendly design and bristle quality make it easy to achieve professional-looking makeup application without extensive experience.

Q: Can the Blank Canvas F20 Brush be used for other makeup products besides foundation?
A: While the Blank Canvas F20 Brush is primarily designed for foundation application, its versatility makes it suitable for other uses as well. It can be used to apply and blend cream or powder blush, bronzer, and highlighter for a seamless and well-blended makeup look.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the Blank Canvas F20 Brush?
A: To clean the Blank Canvas F20 Brush, gently wash the bristles with lukewarm water and soap, we recommend the Blank Canvas Solid Brush And Sponge Cleansing Soap. Gently swirl the brush in your palm and rinse until the water runs clear. After washing, reshape the bristles and lay the brush flat to air dry. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will extend the life of your brush and ensure optimal performance.

Q: Is the Blank Canvas F20 Brush cruelty-free and vegan?
A: Yes, the Blank Canvas F20 Brush is cruelty-free and made with synthetic bristles, making it a vegan-friendly option. Blank Canvas Cosmetics is committed to providing high-quality makeup brushes without using animal-derived materials.

About the Brand

Blank Canvas cosmetics and makeup brushes are loved by beauty influencers and beauty fans everywhere. Giving you maximum bang for your buck, the brand has a huge range of affordable, quality makeup brushes. The Blank Canvas F20 Soft Touch is an all-time hero, perfect for buffing and blending face makeup, while the E10 and E25 are must-have eye brushes. They've got bouncy Airbrush Blenders for those that love a makeup sponge. Plus, an endless range of brush sets to choose from, Blank Canvas have got you covered!


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