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ZOEVA The Artists Brush Set

ZOEVA The Artists Brush Set

15 Brushes + 1 Clutch Bag

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Zoeva The Artists Brush Set contains 15 essential makeup brushes housed in a stylish clutch. These brushes are traditionally handcrafted with premium components. Innovative white Soft-Vegan-Performance™ hair mix brushes for powder formulas, and vegan mono hair mix brushes with black hair and white tips for liquid, cream, and gel textures. Unleash your inner artist and create artistry that knows no bounds with ZOEVA's The Artists Brush Set.

Why you need it

Embrace your artistic spirit with ZOEVA's The Artists Brush Set, a collection of 15 vegan face and eye brushes housed in a perfectly sized matching clutch. Designed for those who live and breathe artistry, this set empowers you to bring your creative visions to life in the most diverse and colourful ways.

The Face Heroes - Versatile Tools for Every Look:
104 Foundation Buffer: Seamless foundation application.
105 Highlight: For a radiant glow.
127 Blush & Contour: Perfectly define and sculpt.

The Eye Heroes - Essentials for Eye Artistry:
228 Crease Definer: Precision in the crease.
234 Smoky Shader: For sultry smoky eyes.
317 Wing Liner: Create the perfect winged eyeliner.

The Complementary - Elevate Your Makeup Game:
106 Powder: Set your makeup flawlessly.
142 Concealer Buffer: Effortlessly blend concealer.
230 Detail Smoky Blender: Define and blend with precision.

The Face Specialists - Precision Matters:
110 Prime & Touch-Up: Ideal for detailed work.
114 Detail Setting Powder: Set makeup in hard-to-reach areas.
129 Fan: Highlight and sweep away excess product.

The Eye Specialists - Elevate Your Eye Looks:
227 Eyeshadow Blender: Seamless eyeshadow blending.
231 Detail Crease Definer: Detailed crease work.
322 Brow Liner: Perfect your brows with precision.

About the Brand

ZOEVA empowers the modern woman to celebrate her individuality and express her own brand of classic feminine beauty. ZOEVA delights in making luxe formulas including the creamy shades of their eyeshadow palettes and plush professional makeup brushes and sets. All ZOEVA products are unique to brand founder Zoe Boikou's own elevated standard of quality and beauty. ZOEVA create every pigment, makeup palette and collection to tell a story and to inspire yours.


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