Good Dye Young - Vibrant Hair Colour For All

Good Dye Young - Vibrant Hair Colour For All

How many times have you had whimsical late night thoughts to change up your hair? Have you ever wondered how to colour your own hair? Good Dye Young have made all of our wild hair dreams possible with their rockstar-grade, hair-healthy products. The aim of GDY is to enable people to live vibrantly, experiment safely (and without commitment), and express themselves confidently without fear. This brand isn't just about hair dye; it's about unleashing your inner thoughts and ideas and spicing up your life with the hair colours and hairstyles you’ve always dreamed of experimenting with.

Founded on Friendship
Good Dye Young was born from the collaboration of dynamic duo and long-time best friends: Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor. The friendship between Hayley, lead singer of the band Paramore and Brian, hair stylist and makeup artist blossomed through years and years of creative collaboration whether it be for events or for Hayley’s iconic looks on stage with Paramore. Hayley and Brian then created Good Dye Young, a brand that is not just a company but a vibrant community for creative people to connect and share ideas just like they did. The dream!

As a lifelong rockstar, Hayley Williams’ hair has always acted as a blank canvas for her to display and reflect her musical and artistic creativity in her hair. Tired of traditional hair dyes full of toxins and damaging ingredients ruining her locks, Hayley wanted more. The secret formula to Hayley's iconic fiery neon orange colour, first seen in Paramore’s 2007 breakout music video "Riot!", was the spark that ignited Good Dye Young’s journey. This iconic shade became GDY’s first creation, setting the stage for a line-up of vibrant, expressive colours.

In Nashville, the South's entertainment epicentre, Brian O'Connor is a style icon. Brian has created stage-ready colours for celebrities like Fall Out Boy, Sheryl Crow, Lady A, and of course, our favourite, Hayley Williams. He has over 21 years of experience in colouring, cutting, and styling hair. Brian's early efforts at hair colour experimentation gave him the confidence to be unique and unapologetically himself. Today, he uses his excellent sense of colour and style to create beautiful hair formulae that inspire people to embrace their individuality.

Pigments with a Promise
Good Dye Young are dedicated to providing the best possible products for us, harm-free. Their motto is pigments with a promise, and they definitely out-did their promise. It is near impossible to find hair dyes that provide vibrant, bold and lasting colour without containing toxic, damaging chemicals, but Good Dye Young have created a range of semi-permanent hair dyes that contain salon grade pigments, provide bright, long-lasting colour and don’t damage your hair. They also happen to be Vegan & Cruelty-Free. There really is no catch with this brand!

The emotional aspects of hair dye, and hair changes are a big factor to consider when creating a hair dye brand, and this is definitely a brand that caters for every life event and occasion. Whether you want to create a new persona for the day with GDY One Night Only Temporary Hair Colour And Makeup, for a couple of weeks with GDY Dyeposit Hair Mask or a couple of months with GDY Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, this brand has the perfect solution for you. The strong correlation of hair dyes and your self-esteem can be often overlooked, but trust us, a fresh look can make the world of a difference. Try a new colour to symbolise a new season in life, and let your hair support you in whatever era you’re in. 

The founders of Good Dye Young have turned a friendship into an unstoppable partnership with the creation of this remarkable, fun hair brand. Are you ready to get creative with Good Dye Young? Go for it beaut!
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