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Discover the natural power of essential oils with Tisserand. Tisserand combines tradition, science and performance to bring you products to enhance your wellbeing so you can feel your best every day. Indulge in award-winning, 100% natural pure essential oils and discover the joy of aromatherapy. Tisserand products can be used for the home, massage, hair and body. Discover Tisserand products to boost your overall wellbeing, from sleep to energy and concentration.

Tisserand Mandarin & May Chang Body Wash

Cleanse the mind, body and skin with Tisserand Mandarin & May Chang Body Wash. Formulated with 100% natural pure essential oils, this body wash has a moisturising and refreshing effect on the body, as its uplifting scent allows for a real aromatic ritual.

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Sleep Better with Tisserand

Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist helps to quiet your mind and relax the body for a truly restful nights sleep. Acting as a natural sleep aid, Sleep Better Pillow Spray helps you to switch off by using the naturally soothing aromas of Lavender and Sandalwood to ease you into a restful sleep.


Modern Day Aromatherapy

Established in 1974 by English Aromatherapist, Robert Tisserand, the brand specialises in aromatherapy with a mission to bring essential oils into all homes. Learning about aromatherapy from his mother, Robert wanted to share the benefits and uses of essential oils with the masses. Robert founded Tisserand while simultaneously writing and publishing “The Art of Aromatherapy” to make the knowledge and education of aromatherapy more widespread. This desire to teach and inspire others to unlock the benefits of essential oil wellness still guides the brand to this day, seeping into the current processes, manufacturing and sourcing of the oil blends.

Focusing on the aromatherapy, Tisserand offers a holistic approach to wellness and beauty, with innovative products that have allowed aromatherapy work in our every day, fast-paced lives.