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Beautyblender Little Wonders Gift Set

Beautyblender Little Wonders Gift Set

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Beautyblender Little Wonders Gift Set is your ticket to staying fresh and fierce all day and night! This set features the Original Beautyblender and the Power Pocket Puff, ensuring your makeup lasts and lasts. Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of flawless beauty this Christmas!

Why you need it

Beautyblender Little Wonders Gift Set is your essential makeup application and maintenance kit. It includes the Original Beautyblender for impeccable foundation application and a dual-sided powder puff for baking and touch-ups. This dynamic duo is perfect for stashing at your desk or in your purse, ensuring your skin looks flawless no matter the holiday festivities.

BeautyBlender Power Pocket Puff™ in a limited edition burgundy shade is not your ordinary powder puff. Its teardrop shape offers precision for chiseling cheekbones, baking concealer, setting makeup, and more. The plush burgandy side with special fibers applies just the right amount of powder, while the black buffed suede side seamlessly reblends makeup, eliminating mid-day shine.

What's included:
POWER POCKET PUFF™ Dual Sided Power Puff in Limited-Edition Burgundy
BEAUTYBLENDER® Makeup Sponge in Original Pink

how to use

Deposit powder with the plush side to set and bake makeup. Reblend and touch-up using the black buffed suede side.
Target contours of the face with the narrow tip, insert fingers into the pocket for further precision.
Rest hands on puff during application to prevent makeup from smudging.

About the Brand

Beautyblender® is the tool that everyone needs in their makeup kit. Rea Ann Silva, pro makeup artist, launched the innovative makeup sponge in 2003 and the beauty world sat up and took notice. The Beauty Blender makeup sponge means EVERYONE can get a professional-looking finish with ease. The secret is the unique, edgeless, aqua-activated™ material meaning your makeup sits on the surface of the sponge to blend out product beautifully. Beautyblender® blends foundation, BB Cream, concealer, colour correctors and more seamlessly. As well as the Original Beautyblender®, the expanding range of tools includes the Blender Defender case, and the Blender Cleanser. So remember, whenever you want a flawless finish, just wet, squeeze and bounce!


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