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Dripping Gold Party Prep Collection Gift Set

Dripping Gold Party Prep Collection Gift Set

150ml, 100ml, 36g + MITT

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Dripping Gold Party Prep Collection Gift Set, contains four full-sized self tanning products for a naturally radiant, zero-transfer, and illuminated skin finish. Featuring a full-sized tanning mousse, face mist, bronze bar, and a luxury tanning mitt, this is the ultimate gift for a stunning party-ready look!

Why you need it

Dripping Gold Party Prep Collection Gift Set features full-sized self-tanning essentials that promise a naturally radiant, zero-transfer, and illuminated skin finish. Complete with the Hydra Whip, Wonder Tan Water, Bronze Bar, and a luxurious Tanning Mitt, it's the ultimate tanning gift!

Experience ultra-hydrating luxury with the Dripping Gold Hydra Whip Clear Mousse. This tanning mousse delivers a sun-kissed complexion with quick absorption and zero transfer. Enriched with hyper-performing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, it keeps your skin nourished, ensuring a long-lasting tan that's both beautiful and hydrating.

Dripping Gold Wonder Water Self Tanning Face Mist. A simple spritz and you're on your way to a beautiful golden glow that develops in just 4-8 hours. Perfect for enhancing your natural radiance.

The Dripping Gold Bronze Bar is your one-swipe solution to sun-kissed skin. Its buttery golden-bronze formula leaves your skin feeling nourished and illuminated with a luminous glow. Plus, its convenient packaging makes it easy to top up on the go.

Achieve streak-free tanning application with the Dripping Gold Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt. This beautifully soft, double-sided mitt with an elastic cuff, ensures your tanning experience is simple and easy.

What's included:
Hydra Whip Clear Mousse in Medium 150ml
Wonder Tan Water in Light - Medium 100ml
Bronze Bar 36g
Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt

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ONLY: €39.95
You Save: €14.90

About the Brand

Picture this: a sprinkle of entrepreneurial magic, a dash of beauty passion, and voilà – Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning was born! Founded by the fabulous Suzanne Jackson, this brand is all about turning you into a radiant goddess.

Kicked off with the sensational Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse, making self-tanning a breeze. It was like bottling up sunshine – minus the sunburn. But it didn't stop there. Dripping Gold expanded into a world of makeup and skincare that's pure perfection. From head-turning makeup to skin-loving serums, it's a beauty wonderland that celebrates your uniqueness. Features vegan and cruelty free products. Whether you're aiming for a sun-kissed vibe or an all-out glam look, Dripping Gold's got your back – and your glow!


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