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Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask

Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask


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Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask is the ultimate glow up face mask, enriched with hyaluronic acid, exfoliating fruit acids and Vitamin C which work together to brighten, rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Why you need it

Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask is a multi-performance formula, with ingredients that hydrate, brighten and exfoliate the visage. This skin renewal face mask gives your skin the ultimate radiance treatment, perfect for when you skin needs some added glow.

The infusion of Pumpkin, Pomegranate, Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes combined creates a gentle exfoliator, which helps to accelerate cell renewal, promoting a smooth, even skin texture. The brightening ingredient Vitamin C helps to increase skin firmness, stimulates collagen synthesis, contributes to skin barrier formulation while preventing premature signs of aging by helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The blend of Hyaluronic acid quenches the skins thirst, while Vitamin E helps strengthen the skins barrier function which contains moisturising benefits, locking in hydration. The blend of Glycerin rejuvenates the skin with its super hydrating properties, leaving the skin plump and radiant. Get glowing skin and enjoy a comforting scent of Mandarin Essential Oil during your skincare routine.

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how to use

After cleansing, apply a small amount to face, neck and décolletage. Apply and leave for 5-20 minutes. Rinse using lukewarm water. Use once or twice a week.

Key Ingredients

Pumpkin Enzyme: This gentle yet effective exfoliator aids in cellular renewal by digesting surface proteins, releasing trapped bacteria and promoting even skin texture.

Pomegranate Enzyme: Extracted from pomegranate fruit pulp, it gently exfoliates with proteolytic enzymes, accelerating cellular renewal by up to 26% compared to untreated skin.

Pineapple Enzyme (Bromelain): Featuring Bromelain from pineapple, this enzyme reduces inflammation, eliminates excess sebum, and breaks down proteins, leading to a brighter, fresher complexion.

Papaya & Mango Enzyme Blend: A blend of papaya and mango enzymes exfoliates by breaking down proteins on the skin's surface, releasing trapped bacteria and impurities for a refreshed, even-textured complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its hydrating benefits, hyaluronic acid retains moisture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while promoting supple, healthier skin.


Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus/Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Fruit Ferment Extract, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-20 Stearate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Hyaluronic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin) Peel Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Carbomer, Caprylyl Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Limonene, Linalool.


Q: What is multi masking?
A: Multi masking is a skincare technique where different masks are strategically applied to various areas of the face and decolletage to address specific concerns in those areas. For instance, you might use The Miracle mask around the eye area, and on your neck and T-zone and The Glow up on your forehead chin and cheeks.

Q: Can I layer the mask duo from Ella & Jo?
A: Absolutely! You can enhance your skincare routine by using The Glow Up and applying The Miracle Mask on top. This combination creates an ultimate at-home facial experience, targeting multiple skin concerns effectively.

Q: How do I use Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask?
A: Apply to cleansed, hydrated skin & leave on for 10-15 mins to reveal your radiant glow - apply your mist and hydrating hyaluronic serum afterwards.

Q: Can I wear Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask overnight?
A: While The Glow Up Enzyme Mask is a powerful skin treatment, it's not suitable for overnight wear. Its active enzyme composition makes it more effective within the recommended 10-15 minutes of application.

Q: What sets Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask apart from The Miracle Mask?
A: Both masks are essential for elevating your skincare routine, but they offer distinct benefits. The Glow Up Enzyme Mask contains active enzymes to exfoliate and rejuvenate by sloughing away dead skin cells. It also features Vitamin C to illuminate and hydrate the skin. On the other hand, The Miracle Mask focuses on plumping, firming, and hydrating the skin, providing a different range of benefits.

Q: What's the difference between Brighten & Glow Cleanser and The Glow Up Enzyme Mask?
A: The Brighten & Glow Cleanser is formulated with enzymes that gently exfoliate dead skin cells on a daily basis. On the other hand, The Glow Up Enzyme Mask is designed as an at-home skin treatment that offers a more intensive exfoliation experience. It contains a range of active enzymes that reveal radiant skin after use.

Q: Are there any ingredients I should avoid when using Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask?
A: Given that The Glow Up Enzyme Mask is an active enzyme mask, it's advisable to gradually introduce other active ingredients after using it. For instance, products like Relax and Renew, which also contain active ingredients, or any Vitamin A-style products should be introduced slowly once your skin becomes accustomed to The Glow Up. Always patch test products.

About the Brand

Ella and Jo was created by Charlene Flanagan and Niamh Ryan, Makeup Artist & Skin Therapist, in 2017 who noticed a gap in the market for functional and fun products that made everyday easier for women. Ella & Jo have created impactful & innovative products that save time & effort and help women feel better about themselves. First launch from the brand was the Ella and Jo Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser designed to remove makeup from your brushes between uses and deep cleans. They've expanded their range to include the handbag Savvy 3 in 1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist, the bestselling Melt the Day Away Cleansing Balm and more! All of Ella and Jo products are created with love in Ireland and are also Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly!


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