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Kash Beauty 5 Piece Luxury Face Brush Set

Kash Beauty 5 Piece Luxury Face Brush Set

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Kash Beauty Five Piece Luxury Face Brush Set includes 5 must-have brushes, ensuring you have the right tools to create a flawless base for your makeup, from foundation to blush. Whether you're a seasoned artist or an enthusiast, these brushes are versatile and designed to meet all your base makeup needs.

Why you need it

Kash Beauty Five Piece Luxury Face Brush Set includes 5 essential face brushes crafted using the latest innovation in brush fibres with a new super soft fibre completely new to the Irish market. The unique fibres pick up and latch onto the product to optimise pigmentation yet blend seamlessly on the skin, giving you the perfect finish, every time! Stored in a luxury faux leather drawstring bag, perfect for storing your premium quality brushes.
Set Includes:
K01 Powder brush - dome shape powder/bronzer brush to allow for precise application with even distribution.
K02 Foundation brush - Flat top foundation brush, packed with super soft bristles. Allows you to evenly apply and blend your products.
K03 Angled contour/blush brush - an angled powder brush, perfect size/shape for adding blush or for defining your cheekbones.
K04 Small powder brush - small dome shape to allow for precise application of powder.
K05 Highlighter brush - perfect size with soft bristles for a precise application with a soft blend.


Q: Can these brushes be used with both liquid and powder makeup products?
A: Yes, the Kash Beauty Five Piece Luxury Face Brush Set is versatile and can be used with both liquid and powder makeup products for various base makeup looks.

Q: How should I clean and maintain these brushes?
A: Clean the brushes regularly with a gentle brush cleanser or mild soap and lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry. Store them in the provided luxury faux leather drawstring bag to protect and maintain their quality.

About the Brand

KASH Beauty, Ireland's fastest-growing cosmetics brand, is synonymous with artistry, inspiration, and innovation. Founded in 2019 by the renowned beauty influencer Keilidh Cashell, KASH Beauty has quickly risen to prominence in the world of beauty. Keilidh's vision for her brand was clear from the start: to inspire people, making them feel beautiful and confident in themselves. With millions of followers who can attest to her success, KASH Beauty has become a household name in the cosmetics industry. 


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