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Lash Star Beauty Heated Lash Curler

Lash Star Beauty Heated Lash Curler

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Lash Star Beauty Heated Lash Curler is a 3-1, portable device that creates the ultimate lash curl. The Curler applies gentle heat to the lashes that helps to lock in the curl for a long lasting result. Achieve a lash lift look, that creates a lengthened appearance with an intense curl.

Why you need it

Lash Star Beauty Heated Lash Curler allows you to achieve a dramatic lash look with your natural lashes. This heated lash curler will effortlessly lift, curl and style your lashes achieving a lash lift that sets your lashes into place throughout the day. This ultimate lash tool allows the lashes to sit perfectly into the deep grooves, as you gently sweep upwards the heated rod with effortlessly create a beautifully lifted curl. This must-have beauty essential can coax even the most stubborn lashes perfectly into place, even eyelash extensions. It can even be used to calm over-curled lashes, and coax unruly brows into place. The rechargeable curling tool recharges in two hours from any USB port. Arriving in a sleek, gold and black design, this essential tool is perfect for on-the-go.

how to use

Hold the on/off switch for 1.5 seconds, until the red light appears. Wait 30-60 seconds before using. Gently hold the curler at the root of the top lash and slowly sweep upwards. Do not leave on for too long before use, as the curler could overheat.

About the Brand

Introducing LASH STAR BEAUTY, a revolutionary makeup line that takes you to an exciting world of beauty. This luxurious brand brings false eyelashes to new heights, with their finely curated selection of high-end innovative eyelash enhancing products. This prestigious cosmetic line includes premium artistry tools and long-wearing false eyelashes. Lash Star Beauty introduced the incredible Heated Lash Curler, a 3-in-1 beauty essential that effortlessly curls, lifts and styles your lashes perfectly. This must-have eyelash curler creates a lasting upswept curl, that works on even the most unruly lashes. Achieve the natural-looking, LVL lash-lift look that will grab everyone's attention. Lash Star Beauty is dedicated to bringing you the best lashes in the game, with their beauty line solely dedicated to this promise. Life should be long and so should be your lashes!


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