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Mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum

Mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum


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Mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum works like a dream. Rub this serum onto skin before bed and dream the night away as you revitalise and re-energise your skin. This serum works as you sleep to leave your skin feeling hydrated and brighter.

Why you need it

Mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum is packed with brightening and moisturising actives so your skin will feel instantly hydrated and radiant. Wake up in the morning with skin that looks and feels revitalised. As you sleep, this AHA body lotion gets to work to resurface your skin cells and give you noticeably glowier skin.

• New Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free formula.
• 100% natural fragrance with feel-good notes to uplift the soul.
• Super clever, plant-based chemistry.
• Wellbeing boosting complexes for a head-to-toe, feel-great glow.
• Bottle goes in your plastic recycling bin. Carton in your paper recycling bin. Pump is not yet recyclable (we're working on it!).
• Treading gently on the planet to protect our future generations, mio uses the best quality ingredients and sources packaging and materials sustainably and responsibly.

Mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum has a 98% natural origin.

• NEW Feel-good Complex - A blend of Indian Fig extract and Monk's Pepper Berry, mio's Feel-Good complex gives you an instant sensation of wellbeing and keeps skin feeling hydrated.
• AHA Blend - Raspberry Extract and Mandelic acid encourages surface cell renewal for brighter looking skin.
• Shea Butter - Locks in moisture and helps protect skin
• Whu-Zu-Yu - Radiance boosting
• NEW Uplifting fragrance - Mood-uplifting notes of citrus and orange blossom

Skin Type:
Suitable for all but especially dry.

Important advice:
Please be aware that this product does contain nuts.



how to use

Apply to dry skin on body and allow a minute of calm while the product sinks in. Leave on overnight while you sleep and shower off in the morning.

About the Brand

Mama Mio are the pregnancy experts! Founded by four women who were pregnant at the same time, they created a skincare brand that was safe and effective throughout pregnancy and beyond. Their high performance skincare and bodycare products are specially designed to help you feel your best during pregnancy. The essential Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter now comes with its very own crew - there's Tummy Rub Butter Fragrance Free and Tummy Rub Stretch Mark OilMama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube and Lucky Legs are just 2 more raved-about products that help expecting mums. The brand also has a 'no nasties' so you know you are in safe hands with Mama Mio.


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