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Nip + Fab The Multi-Mask Home Facials Kit

Nip + Fab The Multi-Mask Home Facials Kit

10 x Masks

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Nip + Fab The Multi-Mask Home Facials Kit, a sheet mask lover's paradise. These active-packed masks offer deep hydration, exfoliation, pore-tightening, purification, and brightening in just 15 minutes. Whether it's for party prep or morning-after recovery, this kit has it all. Grab this €80.00 value for only €29.95 and save BIG!

Why you need it

Experience the ultimate skincare transformation with the Nip + Fab Multi-Mask Home Facials Kit. This kit is a sheet mask lover's dream, providing a variety of active-packed masks for rejuvenated skin in just 15 minutes. From deep hydration to brightening and purifying, it's the ideal gift for party prep or morning-after recovery.

Dragon’s Blood Plumping Sheet Mask Extreme: Hyaluronic acid and dragon’s blood for deep hydration, with liquorice extract for brightness.
Glycolic Fix Bubble Sheet Mask Extreme: Glycolic acid exfoliates and revitalizes, perfect for detoxing your skin.
Retinol Fix Sheet Mask: Tighten pores, firm, and hydrate with a blend of retinol and antioxidants.
Salicylic Fix Sheet Mask: Purify your skin with salicylic acid, regulate oil production with lotus flower extract, and hydrate with hyaluronic acid.
Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask: Boost collagen production and brighten your complexion with vitamin C, while niacinamide supports the skin barrier and hyaluronic acid provides hydration.

What's included:
2x Dragon’s Blood Plumping Sheet Mask Extreme 18g
2x Glycolic Fix Bubble Sheet Mask Extreme 23g
2x Retinol Fix Sheet Mask 25g
2x Salicylic Fix Sheet Mask 25ml
2x Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask 25ml

Worth: €80.00
ONLY: €29.95
You Save: €50.05

About the Brand

Nip + Fab skincare gives you cutting-edge ingredients at a price that won't hurt your wallet! The cult favourite Glycolic Fix range includes the must-have Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads which are sure to get your skin glowing. They're just about the most convenient thing ever which is another major plus! For Glycolic-loving beauts, there's also the Extreme Night Pads, a stronger version exclusively for use at night. Nip + Fab also make some of Kylie Jenner's favourite products - namely the wonderfully hydrating Dragon's Blood Serum which leaves skin plumped and protected.


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