Sanctuary Candle Trio Gift Set

Sanctuary Candle Trio Gift Set

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Sanctuary Scented Candle Trio Gift Set has 3 beautifully fragranced candles so you can fill your home with a relaxing aroma. Relax, unwind, and indulge in a little luxury every day!

Why you need it

Sanctuary Scented Candle Trio Gift Set features an array of captivating aromas. Match each one to your mood and transform your home with these spellbinding scents.

Sanctuary Signature Scented Candle - a unique, sophisticated fragrance with sparkling notes of citrus, bergamot and jasmine, followed by a sensuous combination of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.

Sanctuary Luxury Oud Scented Candle - an intensely indulgent floral oud fragrance with hints of golden saffron top notes and a white floral and rose heart resting on a decadent woody, musky and sweet amber base.

Sanctuary Driftwood & Sea Spray Scented Candle - A light, soft, delicately fresh scent with notes of fresh beachside sage, salty white waves, sweet citrus fruits & a touch of sun stained driftwood

What's included:
Sanctuary Signature Candle 100g
Sanctuary Luxury Oud Candle 100g
Sanctuary Driftwood & Sea Spray Candle 100g

how to use

Remove all packaging and labels before use, keep all warnings for reference. Place the candle holder on a stable, heat resistant surface - avoid plastic and wooden surfaces plus any electronic. Keep the wick trimmed to a length of 5mm to minimise risk of smoking and flaring.
NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from draughts. Burn candle out of reach of children, animals and anything that can catch fire. Ensure plenty of space above and around the candle when burning. Keep away from away from shelves, walls, other candles or heat sources. Extinguish immediately if the flame becomes enlarged, smokes excessively or if candle flame comes into contact with the glass.
The candle holder may become hot in use - do not touch or move the candle when it is burning. Allow to cool. Extinguish when 1cm of wax is left (to avoid flaring) using a metal spoon or snuffer. Avoid burning for extended periods, this may cause a build-up of debris which will lead to wax spillage. Check the glass regularly for signs of damage. Do not use if there are any cracks or chips in the glass. Never use water or blow onto hot wax, it will splash.

About the Brand

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