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Sanctuary Spa Signature Perfect Pamper Parcel Gift Set

Sanctuary Spa Signature Perfect Pamper Parcel Gift Set

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Sanctuary Spa Signature Perfect Pamper Parcel Gift Set - Your ideal gift of self-pampering. Experience the luxurious blend of jasmine, grapefruit, and vanilla in their iconic signature scent. This curated set features bath and body essentials from the Signature collection, offering a complete self-care regimen. Cleanse, polish, moisturize, and indulge in a fragrant soak, all in the name of pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Why you need it

Take your self-care to the next level with this collection of pampering treats, all scented with Sanctuary's signature scent with notes of jasmine, grapefruit & vanilla. With favourites from their Signature collection, cleanse, polish, moisturise & soak with this edit of essentials.

Sanctuary Signature Bath Float is a decadent bubble bath that will fill your tub with a cloud of super-rich bubbles while softening and smoothing your skin.

Sanctuary Signature Body Wash is a gorgeously aromatic body wash blended with natural essential oils and Jojoba beads to cleanse, soften and perfume skin.

Sanctuary Body Scrub is an everyday exfoliator that gently refines skin while uplifting and refreshing to leave your skin beautifully soft.

Sanctuary Body Lotion is a soft and silky moisturising lotion that keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, with long-lasting fragrance.

Sanctuary Hand Cream is a rich, beautifully scented hand cream. Hands are hydrated and moisturised without any greasy residue.

What’s included:
Sanctuary Signature Bath Float 75ml
Sanctuary Signature Body Wash 75ml
Sanctuary Signature Body Scrub 100ml
Sanctuary Signature Body Lotion 75ml
Sanctuary Signature Hand Cream 30ml

About the Brand

Sanctuary Spa products are all about indulgence. With an entire range of blissfully scented body products, Sanctuary will transform your bathroom into the ultimate pampering paradise. Exfoliate with the amazing Sanctuary Salt Scrub or Hot Sugar Scrub and feed your skin with the Sanctuary Luxury Body Butter or Body Moisture Spray. Give your skin a daily boost with the Vitamin C Shower Smoothie Body Wash, or care for dry skin with the 3 Day Long Lasting Moisture Burst. Relax and unwind with Sanctuary.


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