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The Smooth Company Smooth Styling Gift Set

The Smooth Company Smooth Styling Gift Set

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The Smooth Company Smooth Styling Gift Set is the ultimate styling set for smooth, flawless hair. This sensational gift set includes the viral award winning Smooth Stick, the must have Smooth Styler 4 in 1 Professional Styling Comb along with a brand new limited edition Smooth Headband. Conquer unruly hair and create a smooth, sleek look effortlessly. A must-have gift set that absolutely anyone can use to create endless looks!

Why you need it

The Smooth Company Smooth Styling Gift Set will give you the power to conquer any bad hair day that comes your way. It includes 2 best-selling products from the Smooth Company, along with a brand new limited edition Smooth headband, to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine!

The Smooth Stick™: a translucent hair taming wand that controls frizz and fly aways with undetectable holding power. This quick and easy to use wand replaces hairsprays, clips and gels, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of sticky hairspray, messing about with clips, or that greasy feeling from gels. This hair finishing tool gives that flawless look for the final step in your elegant up-do, or sleek everyday look. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to nourish and strengthen your hair too.

The Smooth Company Smooth Styler 4 in 1 Professional Styling Comb: A one of a kind styling tool that was specially designed to make styling your hair run smoothly. Expertly created with a heat resistant design and a durable finish, this unique comb effortlessly glides through the hair without any breakage or damage to the hair. This styling tool is suitable for all hair types and can be used to section, smooth, detangle, slick back, tame, part or back comb hair. Create envious styles, with just one comb!

Smooth Headband: An ultra-soft, luxury headband that sits comfortably around the head to hold the hair back from the face. The velcro fastening allows the headband to be adjusted and secured in place so that it is suitable for everyone. The Smooth Headband is great to use when applying make up, removing make up and cleansing to protect the hairline.

how to use

Smooth Stick: Simply brush the Smooth Stick™ over the hairs you want to smooth into place and say hello to smooth, sleek hair. To remove, simply brush out with a hairbrush.

Pro tip: Use the Smooth Stick™ as a clear brow gel, to secure, tame and set your brows in place.

Smooth 4-in-1 Styling Comb: Use the slender pin tail to expertly part the hair for precision styling, use the longer, thin comb to detangle the hair and use the short, black bristles to smooth down hair.

Smooth headband: Secure the headband around the hairline to add a touch of luxury to your beauty routine.

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, Aloe Vera is renowned for its moisturising properties, which can help prevent dry and itchy scalp. It also conditions the hair, leaving it smoother and shinier.

Vitamin E: It helps to combat damage from free radicals that can weaken hair. It also conditions the hair from within, reducing dryness and adding shine.

Biotin: This essential vitamin helps nourish and strengthen the hair.



About the Brand

The Smooth Company is the ultimate hair taming brand that doesn't let a bad hair day ruin your day. In December of 2020, The Smooth Company's founder Aine Kennedy took her experience of working in the beauty industry to good use and solved the dilemma of fly aways and baby hairs. One simple flick of the Smooth Stick™ will help tame your hairs and keep them in place all day long. Aine launched The Smooth Stick and introduced it to the TikTok app, which she went viral on and gained huge attention. This TikTok trending brand has since launched the Smooth Styler - a 4-in-1 Professional Styling Comb. Your hair's new BFF is here!


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