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This Works Space to Dream Gift Set

This Works Space to Dream Gift Set

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This Works Space to Dream Gift Set has 3 full size natural sleep aids and travel size rollerball making it the ultimate bedtime ritual. With full size Deep Sleep Bath Soak, Pillow Spray and Sleep Balm, a great night's sleep is practically guaranteed! Worth €78.50, you save over €28!

Why you need it

This Works Space to Dream Gift Set is the perfect gift for anyone who deserves a blissful nights sleep. These 4 products make the ultimate pre-sleep ritual, helping to calm a busy mind and tired body.

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak is the ideal way to wind down for sleep. Upgrade your night-time routine with this restorative sleep-inducing bath treat that calms anxieties. This Works Sleep Balm has a 100% natural blend of essential oils formulated into a fragrant, easy to apply multi-purpose balm. Sleep-inducing Lavender, calming Vetivert and soothing Chamomile work together to alleviate stress and reduce tension.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed. When we sleep our skin cells repair and harmful toxins are removed, making sleep the ultimate beauty secret and an essential part of your skincare routine. This award-winning natural sleep remedy has a blend of aromatherapy oils all known for their ability to promote deep relaxation. This Works Deep Sleep Breathe In is your stress-busting saviour in a convenient rollerball. Breathe in the calming aroma of Frankincense and Lavender and roll on and feel tension melt away.

What's included:

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak 200g (full size)
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray 75ml (full size)
This Works Sleep Balm 8.6g (full size)
This Works Stress Check Roll On 5ml (travel size)

Worth: €78.50
You pay: €49.95
Saving: €28.55

About the Brand

This Works products give you 24 hour skin and body solutions that work in tune with your body clock. Best known for their award-winning sleep solutions, This Works products are proven to be effective - they really do live up to their name! Products are extensively trialled by user panels and independently tested to prove their efficacy. The best-selling This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a lifeline for anyone who needs a little help drifting off to sleep, while This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray has a gradual release formula ideal for restless sleepers who wake during the night. This Works pride themselves in having a conscience as clean as their formulas. There are no unnecessary chemicals, everything is free from synthetic fragrances or colours, parabens, sulphates and phthalates. The fragrances and active ingredients are 100% natural or derived from nature and work to improve your wellbeing, sleep and skin.


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