Blank Canvas 12 Piece Face And Eye Set With Cup Holder

Blank Canvas 12 Piece Face And Eye Set With Cup Holder

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The Blank Canvas 12 Piece Face And Eye Set With Cup Holder contains all of your favourite brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics all safely stored in a durable and multifunctional cup holder.

Why you need it

Brushes Included:

F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush:

This brush is made from synthetic fibres and is ideal for foundation or concealer application. For best results use in a patting motion to avoid streaking. Works well with Liquids or creams.

F03 Large Duo Fibre Stipple Brush:

F03 is ideal for the application of foundation, blushes and highlighters in cream or powder formulas. Made from synthetic fibres.

F15 Small Tapered Brush:

This multi-purpose brush can be used on the face and cheeks. Suitable for contouring, sculpting, blending and highlighting the face. Its tapered tip helps apply product with precision. Best used with powder based products.

F25 Large Powder Brush:

This multi-purpose brush can be used on the face, neck and body. Ideal for the application of powder/bronzer to large areas. Can be used with liquid, creams or powder based products. Use a buffing or pressing motion (instead of a swirling motion) to apply product onto the face and body for a more lasting and even finish.

F20 Flat Top Buffer/Kabuki:

This brush is made of short, dense synthetic fibres making it ideal for liquid, cream or powder products. Designed with perfection in mind this brush will deliver a flawless foundation effect every time. Stipple or buff your foundation onto your face with this super soft brush.

E23 Short Pencil:

This eye brush is used for smudging shadow or creating a shape to your eyes. Use along the upper and lower lash line with cream or powder shadows. Ideal for creating a Smokey eye effect or softening a harsh liner.

E24 Flat Shader Brush:

This brush is primarily for placement and laying down of eye shadow and cream on the face. Its fluffy rounded tip is perfect for placing and shading product whilst its medium firm paddle allows you to pick up product perfectly.

E25 Round Top Blending Brush:

Created for eye shadow application and blending this brush is the perfect tool for blending along the crease line for a seamless finish. Suitable for use with cream or powder products.

E26 Blending Brush:

E26 has a tapered top and has been designed specifically to apply and blend colour into the crease of the eye. Made from soft high grade natural hair the E26 can also be used to apply concealer to the face.

E28 Ultra Fine Liner:

This liner brush has a fine point, perfect for precise application of cream/gel or liquid liner.

E30 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie:

Created for brows and lashes this product is perfect for grooming or applying gel product to brows. Can also be used for applying liner to the bottom and top lashes.

L29 Lip Brush/Winged Eyeliner Brush:

This lip brush is perfect for applying lip colour or blending lip liner. Its firm round shape means it,s perfect for grabbing product and applying it with precision to define your lips. Suitable for use with cream or powder products.

About the Brand

Blank Canvas cosmetics and makeup brushes are loved by beauty influencers and beauty fans everywhere. Giving you maximum bang for your buck, the brand has a huge range of affordable, quality makeup brushes. The Blank Canvas F20 Soft Touch is an all-time hero, perfect for buffing and blending face makeup, while the E10 and E25 are must-have eye brushes. They've got bouncy Airbrush Blenders for those that love a makeup sponge. Plus, an endless range of brush sets to choose from, Blank Canvas have got you covered!


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