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Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Set

Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Set

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Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Set is an 8 piece brush set developed specifically for all your eye makeup needs. Including shadow brushes, liner brushes and a lash separator, this eye brush set will have you blending and building looks like a pro. The Real Techniques super-soft brush bristles feel gentle on the eye lid, smoothly blending product around the area.

Why you need it

Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Set contains 8 eye brushes to upgrade your makeup bag and bring your eye looks to the next level. Including all you need to get professional grade makeup looks, this brush set is made with super-soft bristles and custom cut brush heads to give you precision application, seamless blending and smudged out liner looks you’ve been dreaming of. These 8 must have brushes let you get that minimalist, clean look, or go bolder with a smokey eye, cut creased or winged liner, as the set is designed to be used with all makeup formulas, from powders, gels, creams and liquid products.

312 Lash Separator is designed with stiff bristles to help you separate lashes and remove mascara clumps, for cleaner, more natural looking lashes that still have lift, length and colour.
311 Fine Liner Brush is a small pointed brush that can be used to create crisp lines with eyeliner.
307 Shading Brush has a rounded brush head with soft bristles that is used to build cream or powder colour shades and can be intensify colour through layering and building product.
313 Definer Brush is a thin angled brush whose bristles allow for a smudged and defined liner look.
310 Essential Creases Brush is perfect for blending, as the soft, tapered bristles seamlessly blend colours with no harsh lines, creating an ombre colour effect.
308 Medium Shadow Brush has flat, tapered bristles that sweep and blend base shadows over the lid. The wide brush is perfect for the beginning of the eye look routine, as the bigger brush head covers a wider area.
332 Smudge Brush is used to apply, blend and diffuse shadow with maximum control, as the short bristles are densely packed and allow a precision application to your desired area.

304 Defining Crease Brush is a thin, ultra-tapered brush with long bristles that blends powder products.

What’s included:

312 Lash Separator – separating mascara clumps
311 Fine Liner Brush – for creating crisp lines of liquid or gel liner
307 Shading Brush – building up cream and powder colour shades and intensifying the coverage
313 Definer Brush – creating cat eyes and designs across the lid
310 Essential Crease Brush – blending powder colours within the creases of the eyelid
308 Medium Shadow Brush – sweep and blend powder or cream based shadows
332 Smudge Brush – blending and blurring eyeliner and shadows across the lash line

304 Defining Crease Brush – create precision blend powder into creases for added definition


We recommend washing your brushes once a week.

Free from:

Cruelty free, vegan and PETA certified.

About the Brand

Real Techniques have been providing high quality, award-winning, and innovative products to beauty enthusiasts all around the world since 2011. Real Techniques work to inspire, inform, and empower their audience to get the most out of their favourite products. Their focus is making your beauty routine, quick, fun, and cost-effective. To guarantee that their brushes are available to makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels, each brush is clearly labelled. Complete beginners can learn how to apply makeup that looks stunning and lasts all day and night with the brand's guidance! Whatever your style, whatever your skill level, whatever your budget, Real Techniques has the best tools for you. Try out the No.1 Beauty Sponge worldwide, their bestseller, the Miracle Complexion Sponge.


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