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Real Techniques Eye Shade And Blend Brush Trio

Real Techniques Eye Shade And Blend Brush Trio

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Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend is a three-piece brush set that has been curated with the highest quality brushes and bristles to let you create professional standard eye looks. Including two shadow brushes and one brow brush, this eye set lets you add definition, colour and dramatics to your look. Build, brush and blend to a flawless finish every time with Real Techniques.

Why you need it

Real Techniques Eye Shade And Blend Trio lets you create professional quality eye looks with ultra-soft bristles and specially developed brush head shapes that add colour, definition, seamless blending. Using the highest quality bristles and Real Techniques’ UltraPlush™ Synthetic technology, these brushes deliver flawless makeup results and long lasting wear. This brush trio has made shadow application and blending easy, working well with both cream and powder textures, so you can create looks as versatile as your makeup bag. The stylish brushes have extended aluminium handles that have a gorgeous purple sheen and are lightweight and easy to use, looking sleek in your makeup bag as your makeup looks stay flawless and perfectly blended.

300 Deluxe crease brush is a rounded brush with long bristles that is designed for blending and building shadow colour on the lid.
343 Brow Spoolie and 341 Angled brow brush are included as a 2 for 1 brush in this set, as the double sided brush focuses on getting your brows in shape. The angled brush adds colour and definition as the spoolie shapes and tames the brows.

301 Base shadow brush lets you apply, pack and layer on the colour as it gently blends the shadow. The rounded and tapered brush head is perfect for both applying and blending shadows around the eye area.

  • UltraPlush™ Synthetic Bristles
  • Suitable for powder and cream products
  • Shadow and brow brushes

What’s included:

300 Deluxe crease brush – blending and building colour
301 Base shadow brush – applying and layering shadows
341 Angled brow brush – adding product to the brows for definition

343 Brow spoolie – brush and shape the brows

Pro tip:

Clean your brushes weekly to keep them working at peak performance.

Free from:

Cruelty free, vegan and PETA certified.

About the Brand

Real Techniques have been providing high quality, award-winning, and innovative products to beauty enthusiasts all around the world since 2011. Real Techniques work to inspire, inform, and empower their audience to get the most out of their favourite products. Their focus is making your beauty routine, quick, fun, and cost-effective. To guarantee that their brushes are available to makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels, each brush is clearly labelled. Complete beginners can learn how to apply makeup that looks stunning and lasts all day and night with the brand's guidance! Whatever your style, whatever your skill level, whatever your budget, Real Techniques has the best tools for you. Try out the No.1 Beauty Sponge worldwide, their bestseller, the Miracle Complexion Sponge.


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