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K18 Next-Level Repair Trio Gift Set

K18 Next-Level Repair Trio Gift Set

250ml, 50ml, 10ml

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K18 Next-Level Repair Trio Gift Set is the perfect festive treat for your locks. With A full-size K18 Peptide Prep pH-Maintenance Shampoo, full-size K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask, a mini K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil. This 3-step science-backed routine, clarifies, repairs, and smooths all hair types, ensuring your hair stays in top shape. Give the gift of transformation and shine this Christmas.

Why you need it

Unlock the secret to next-level hair repair with the K18 Next-Level Repair Trio Gift Set, a limited-edition collection designed to keep those holiday hair transformations going strong. This science-backed 3-step routine is perfect for all hair types and delivers clarity, repair, and smoothness right in the comfort of your home.

Begin with the K18 Peptide Prep pH-Maintenance Shampoo, a deeply clarifying and cleansing shampoo microdosed with the patented K18Peptide™. It powerfully cleanses your hair without stripping it, and its optimized pH is safe for everyday use.

Next, indulge in the K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask, a groundbreaking leave-in treatment that works at a molecular level to reduce breakage, split ends, color fading, and restore your hair's natural shine. In just 4 minutes, it clinically reverses hair damage, leaving your locks healthier and more vibrant.

Finish your transformation with the K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil, a versatile hair oil that targets weakened, lackluster strands. It restores moisture, shine, and vitality, while biotech-engineered formulas strengthen, smooth, and fight frizz.

What's included:
250ml PEPTIDE PREP™ detox shampoo
50ml leave-in molecular repair hair mask
10ml mini molecular repair hair oil

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ONLY: €93.95
You save: €41.05

About the Brand

K18 uses their own patented formula,  K18Peptide™, as a scientific approach that uses biotech instead of traditional cosmetic chemistry in hair care. This formula carries amino acids inside the hair cortex to reconnect broken bonds and keratin chains, for hair like new in 4 minutes. Can be used immediately after chemical services to repair damage done during the service, and at home to keep hair in its healthiest, strongest state.

This peptide formula was discovered after a decade scanning and testing all amino acid sequences, covering the entire keratin proteome that makes up human hair DNA. This K18Peptide™ discovery is one unique sequence to bring damaged hair back to it's original, youthful state, with the key being to get inside the hair where real repair can be done.


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