The Truth about Olaplex... (and why we love it!)

The Truth about Olaplex... (and why we love it!)

Olaplex No.3 bond building treatment | Haircare | Hair mask | Olaplex | Hair Treatment

Are you ready for your haircare routine to start becoming as important as your skincare routine? Now is your chance to step up your hair game, by truly learning how to care for your hair from the inside out. Do you suffer from hair damage such as split ends, frizz, dryness and dullness? Then buckle up beaut, and get ready to try patented Olaplex bond-building technology that will not only level up your hair structure, but appearance too!

The beauty about Olaplex haircare is that it works on all hair types. Whether you have thin, straight hair or thick, curly hair - it works its magic on all. We love that it not only makes your hair healthier with use, it also improves the overall quality of your hair. Blondes become brighter, brunettes more radiant, and redheads more vibrant!

So, how does Olaplex work?

Put your science goggles on, we are about to learn something here: Olaplex uses a single molecule free of silicones and oils, known as THE PATENTED INGREDIENT....Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, that we can only describe as the holy grail in a hair care ingredient. This dramatically improves the hair strength, protects from within, and provides immediate results by repairing disulfide bonds in the hair permanently. Olaplex truly reinvented the hair game, and we are so here for it!

 Olaplex No.3 bond builder | Hair Treatment | Haircare | Hair Mask | At-home hair treatment | Salon quality haircare

What is a hair bond?

Your hair is made up of millions of disulfide hair bonds. When these disulfide bonds become broken, it results in damage to your hair. We know, not a good look... Once all the bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair. Thankfully, Olaplex is now your hair care tool that can do this for you. We will finally be able to 'bond' with our healthy hair bonds!

 Olaplex | Products for damaged hair | Hair bond | Haircare | Salon quality haircare | Hair Mask

Why is my hair damaged?

We all ask ourselves this and get frustrated when we think we did nothing to cause this type of damage! Did we deserve this? But the truth is, damage comes from simple daily aggressions everywhere. Heat styling tools, UV damage, pollution, chemical hairdressing services, and gee...even brushing our hair causes damage from friction. We just can't escape it! Luckily, Olaplex has heard our cry for help and knows that we don't deserve broken hair, therefore these Olaplex bond-building treatments are a need and not a want to get our hair to look this good:

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What is a hair bond-building treatment?

If you want the short answer, Olaplex is exactly that. Whether you need to treat your hair daily to the Olaplex No.4 Shampoo and Olaplex No.5 Conditioner that is formulated to strengthen your hair every day, or you would like to use Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector to give that deep treatment you need once or twice a week, it's got you covered. All Olaplex products are reparative in character and will get those hair bonds built up and fixed from within, to make sure you've got beautiful locks to look at on the outside.

Here, let us show you how these bond-building treatments work: 

Olaplex | products for damaged hair | products for broken bonds | haircare | hair treatment | products for split ends | haircare products for frizz

Okay, so if you aren't fully convinced after reading this that you should hop on and purchase these beauties, perhaps some Olaplex before and after shots will seal the deal!

 olaplex before and after | bond builder | haircare | hair treatment | hair mask | products for damaged hair | products for dry hair | products for frizzy hair | frizz | shampoo | conditioner | hair mask

Get these products straight in your basket, while they're hot!

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I am absolutely obsessed with this. I saw a giveaway on Twitter but there is no end date. I want to try them all. Just added all to my cart!!!


My hair is in need of some TLC . Would love this

Brona Dunne

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