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TIGI hair care is all about the attitude. Bring your A-game with styling products that are all about livin' it large! You'll need that sense of humour though. Got blonde hair? The TIGI Bed Head Serial Blonde range is just for you. TIGI Bed Head After Party will smooth your hair like nothing else, while Headrush will make your hair so shiny it should be illegal. Check out the deluxe scented Artistic Edit range, where products are infused with the unique TIGI fragrance technology that gives bursts of fragrance releasing through the day. From shampoos & conditioners to every styling product you could ever need, TIGI Bed Head have you and your style covered.

TIGI Bed Head Some Like It HOT Heat Protectant Spray!

Tired of dull and damaged hair from heat styling? Us too! This spray creates a shield that helps repel humidity, control frizz and protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling. Spray it evenly throughout damp hair before drying to experience hair with a glossy finish from the quick and easy step that can make all the difference in your hair. Turn up the hair styling heat while keeping your hair protected with TIGI!

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TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out Anti Frizz Serum - How To Use?

Get smooth and shiny hair for up to 48 hours with the TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out Anti Frizz Serum. This serum moisturises, protects and de-frizzes hair so it stays sleek and stylish all day.


Hair, Style And Fashion Combined

Anthony Mascolo founded TIGI in 1986. Known for his innovative approach to hairdressing, Mascolo designed TIGI to be strongly influenced by fashion, street style and personality. Championing creativity through allowing others to express individuality, TIGI develops products that are used both in the salon and at home, letting you achieve professional results - from home. Be anything but ordinary with TIGI Bed Head, and let your personal style continue through to your hair!