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ZOEVA empowers the modern woman to celebrate her individuality and express her own brand of classic feminine beauty. ZOEVA delights in making luxe formulas including the creamy shades of their eyeshadow palettes and plush professional makeup brushes and sets. All ZOEVA products are unique to brand founder Zoe Boikou's own elevated standard of quality and beauty. ZOEVA create every pigment, makeup palette and collection to tell a story and to inspire yours.

Get ready to flaunt those bright, fabulous eyes!

ZOEVA Bright Eye Masks Hydrogel Under-Eye Treatment - These rose-gold wonders are a caffeine-infused burst of freshness that fights puffiness, lines, and dryness. Fruit extracts, cucumber coolness, and chamomile charm join the party for a radiant, well-loved look. Vegan, cruelty-free, and clean formula.

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Meet the founder and her sister

Zoeva's inception traces back to 2008 when founder Zoe Boikou, disappointed by the lack of quality affordable brushes, began selling her own. Quickly gaining traction, it birthed the global brand, ZOEVA. However, its essence stems from a deeper past. Both Zoe and her sister Barbara, influenced by their mother's resilience against domestic violence, infused that strength into their brand. Zoe's aspiration is for users to feel empowered and embrace their unique beauty when using ZOEVA products.