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Ultrasun takes sun protection seriously. Just one application of these advanced, innovative sunscreens will keep skin protected all day long. Ultrasun sunscreens are made with sensitive skin in mind and are free from fragrance, emulsifiers and preservatives. Most Ultrasun products are also packaged in airless dispensers giving them an extended shelf life of up to 24 months after opening. If you demand the very highest level of protection, check out Ultrasun Extreme SPF 50+ or if you love natural beauty products, try the Mineral range which is NATRUE certified. All Ultrasun products are cruelty free and everything except the Lip Protection is Vegan.

Ultrasun Glimmer: Sun Protection with a Touch of Golden Glamour

Get ready to shine with Ultrasun's beloved Glimmer sunscreen – it's not just about protection, it's about that irresistible golden glow. With an oil-free formula perfect for pairing with fake tan, this sunscreen boasts dry touch technology for a non-greasy feel. Experience all-day, water-resistant defence with just one application. Ultrasun Glimmer combines both practicality and aesthetic enhancement, making it a must-have for those seeking sun-kissed radiance and reliable sun defence.

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Ultrasun's Evolution and Ethos

Ultrasun, founded by a Swiss chemist with personal skin cancer experiences, offers revolutionary sun protection using patented Lamellar technology. Endorsed by dermatologists, their hypoallergenic formulas suit everyone, including those with sensitive skin. Committed to the environment, Ultrasun is reef-safe, vegan, cruelty-free, and holds the BASF EcoSun Pass. Their goal: universal, eco-friendly sun protection.