When In Doubt, Sleep It Out - 2021 Bed Time Essentials

When In Doubt, Sleep It Out - 2021 Bed Time Essentials

Get ready to channel your inner Sleeping Beaut(y) bbs! January can be A MONTH amiright? Between new years resolutions, kicking your work routine into high gear after the festive period and doin’ a lottttta scrollin’ (which, let’s face it, ain’t great for your sleep schedule), catching some z’s can prove harder than ya’d think. Not to worry! We’ve curated a super enticing lil’ collection of our fave sleepy-time products guaranteed to help you catch up on your beauty sleep! Time to enter snooze-ville. Population – you!
Sanctuary - Wellness Sleep Mist
If you struggle to nod off at the end of a long day of Zoom calls, bag yourself the Sanctuary Wellness Sleep Mist to help to fall asleep quicker than you can say ‘Siri, play my rain app’. For real though, this stuff smells DREAMY (no pun intended)! Jasmine, Patchouli and Frankincense will help soothe you to sleep all whilst the blend of Hyaluronic Acid & Queen of the Night extract are hydrating & protecting your skin. It’s a night-time mulit-tasker!
Grace & Stella - Hot + Cool Gel Bead Sleep Mask
Wanna add an extra level of bougee to your night-time routine? The Grace & Stella Hot + Cool Gel Bead Sleep Mask will be your new BFF, promise! This eye mask can be used either hot or cold and is SUPER comfortable on the eyes. When cold, it’s the perfect morning pick me up but warm it up and BAM - it’s THE KEY to a relaxing night's sleep (side note: when warm, it’s AH-mazing at reducing any congested sinuses and increasing blood flow to your eye area). You’ll never look back!
This Works - Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle
Here at Cloud 10 HQ, we feel like candles are the answer to all of life’s problems. Feeling down? Light a candle. Stressed out? Light a candle. Hungry? … maybe put the matches and your Vanilla Cupcake scented candle down. One thing candles are FOR SURE the answer to? Sleepless nights. This Works’ Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle has the most relaxing natural fragrance that promotes deep, restful sleep. Pop it in your bedroom before going to sleep or transform your bath time into a relaxing night-time ritual. It’s a game changer! (psssst – bag the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray to really take things to the next level!).
Tisserand - Sleep Better Pulse Point Roller Ball
What’s better than counting sheep? Using a roller ball, that’s what! Tisserand Sleep Better Pulse Point Roller Ball has the most luxe blend of pure essential oils to help soothe you into restful sleep naturally. Think Batman.. but instead of fighting crime, it fights insomnia.
Anatomicals - Cruisin' For A Snoozin' Sleep Balm

Time to catch some real beauty sleep! Wanna wake up feelin' bright eyed and bushy tailed? We've got whatchu need! Bag yourself Cruisin' For A Snoozin' by Anatomicals. You guessed it! It's a soothing sleep balm enriched with beeswax, lavender and lemon oils - a real power trio when it comes to catchin' some shut eye. Try it out and thank us later.


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