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Ahhh it’s summer! The best season of the year some may say. You might crave that hot weather and those enjoyable activities but somehow your hair mightn’t be as happy as you. With sun beating down hotter and sea salt and chlorine getting in the way, this could just be the most damaging season for your pretty ponytail.
Start your summer off being kind to your hair. We all love a sunkissed head of hair as much as the next hair lover, but the lightening your hair gets in the sun can sometimes result in drying and damage. Get your hair thriving this summer with some tips and tricks on battling UV rays, damage, dryness and heat caused by sun and water during these summer months.
Summer Shampoo and Conditioner - Is having a quality hair wash and condition routine important?
It sure is! Make your shower haircare routine a ritual this summer with a quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner. It might sound like a full time job creating a haircare routine that's right for you, but let's start with the basics here! 
Pureology Hydrate Summer Duo Set is the essential to use in your hair routine for the warmer weather. This bestselling dynamic duo is an instant refresh for parched hair. Don't allow your hair to feel dry, and turn it around with this hit of moisture.
Pureology Hydrate Summer gift set | hydrating shampoo and conditioner
Sun Care for Hair - How do I incorporate sun protection into my hair care routine?
UV rays, you say? Ouch says your hair! These sun rays can penetrate the hair's structure, causing dryness, split ends, and damaging your hair from the inside out. These UV rays can also play a role in the loss of colour pigmentation and reducing the protein in the hair. Don't let your hair suffer, and let's remember SPF is not only important for our skin but for our hair too! 
How about trying a sunscreen oil for your hair like NUXE Sun Milky Oil Hair Mist? This evocative holiday scented hair sun protection spray will allow you to enjoy optimum protection from UVA and UVB rays. It is a lightweight mist that won't weigh your hair down and is enriched with organic coconut oil to nourish while protecting. Apply before and after swimming to protect from the sun, sea and chlorine. This is a must have for holiday hair!
NUXE Sun Mist
Scalp Care - Could moisturising my scalp help my hair this summer?
This is something we forget about, that the 'root' of our hair problems can sometimes come from our scalp. We all know the importance of moisturising the skin, but how about moisturising the scalp? Keeping your scalp healthy is the key to keeping your hair happy, don’t neglect it!
The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA for Hair introduces Hyaluronic Acid to your scalp. This water-light serum hydrates and nourishes the scalp, that can be often overlooked. We all know our scalp and hair can get dry in summer, so this leave-in serum will support hydration through protecting the skin's barrier on the scalp.
summer haircare with the ordinary | the ordinary natural moisturising factors + HA for scalp and hair
Colour and Shine Depletion - How do I maintain my hair vibrancy in summer?
Let me let you in on a secret. Shiny hair = Healthy Hair. Sometimes the heat of the sun can be so strong that it lifts the colour in your hair, depleting that shine, natural hair tone and colouring treatment that you knew looked FIRE when leaving the hairdressers. UV rays can also affect the melanin content in the hair, allowing your colour to get lighter, or fade.
Focus in on preserving your hair colour with the right products. Enhance your colour, vibrancy and shine with Aveda's Color Renewal TreatmentsAvailable in four colour-boosting shades, this collection is formulated to add richness and luster to both colour-treated and untreated hair. Get your hair back to what it looked like leaving the salon! Maintain that smile with that shine.
Aveda Color Renewal | treatment for shiny hair
Damaged Hair -  How do I combat green hair from swimming?
Say no to swimmer's hair! We all just want to jump in the pool in the summer months, but sometimes your beautiful blonde or shiny brunette hair colour creation can come out of the pool with a green tint! This is due to hard water in pools, saltwater or chlorine.
When there is copper present in the water you wash your hair with (hard water), it will bind to the hair strand and case damage in the long run, especially when colouring or lightening hair. 
So, what part does chlorine play? When chlorine from swimming comes in contact with your hair, it oxidizes the copper molecule within the hair to give that green result. We can't remove the chlorine, but we can remove the copper and metals with L'Oreal Professionel Metal Detox Range, to stop this chemical reaction.
Outwiz Frizz - How to tame frizzy hair on summer holiday?
Your hair may lose it's moisture content in the sun and become dry and frizzy. You might find that your hair is styled to perfection, and when you go outside into the humidity, it becomes unmanageable in an instant. Your hair does this because it tries to get moisture from the environment and air when it is lacking in it. Hair care products like Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame will allow your hair to gain moisture before it gets frizzy, protecting against heat of up to 450 degrees. Protecting your hair from UV rays will enhance your hair and make it more manageable in the sun.
Hair Treatment for Dry Hair - Try a random act of kindness... for your hair this time...
Do you ever just feel like you want to be extra generous to your gorgeous locks? Wanting to give it that extra oomph when you feel like you have the time? Sometimes your usual hair routine just isn’t cutting it, are we right? Olaplex No.3 is an act of kindness your hair will thank you for this summer. This can be used everyday for colour processed or damaged hair, or sparingly (when we are feeling generous remember) for healthy hair, to treat and condition the hair back to full health every time. This extra oomph could be just what your heat damaged, dry or dull hair needs to make it strong and visibly healthy and add to your summer glow.
Olaplex No.3 Treatment for the hair | #olaplexbun  
Summer Styling - The best tool for creating sleek hair...
Maintaining your waves, curls and sleek straight hair might become your biggest task of the summer. If you want to elevate your look with some hair styling, L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 can give you that effortless look, that stays in place all day. This styling tool uses a patented steam technology in a continuous flow of high pressure steam to target each hair strand without flattening the fibres. This hair straightener and curling tool features anodized ceramic plates to create an ultra-smooth finish with mirror-like shine.
Just look at the results:
steampod before and after
You've heard our tips, now don't let the heat, sun, chlorine or saltwater stop you from flaunting your best hair look this season. Tame that mane and shop our recommendations now!


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