The James Charles Artistry Palette

The James Charles Artistry Palette is probably THE hottest makeup launch right now. Just landed at Cloud 10 Beauty, this beauty sold out in less than 10 minutes when Morphe originally launched it. The Morphe x James Charles Sister Collection is the makeup collaboration that's got everyone shook!

James Charles is a makeup artist, model and beauty influencer. He launched his YouTube channel in December 2015 and quickly became a must-watch makeup guru, with more than 13 million subscribers.

In the reveal video for his Morphe x James Charles Sister collection, he explains that "my mission as an artist has always been just making it fun, creating new content and doing things that nobody would ever dare to do... taking it away from tutorials and creating beauty videos that are actually entertaining, playing with colour, playing with avant garde looks".

The James Charles philosophy is all about unleashing your inner artist, and with this new palette you can do exactly that! The James Charles Artistry Palette gives you the freedom to create any look you can dream up, from amazingly colourful fantasical creations to fabulous neutral looks you can wear every single day or night. 

The James Charles Artistry Palette in detail 

James has explained why he created this palette with Morphe - "I felt there was something missing on the market, and that is one eyeshadow palette that could truly create any single look." With a fabulous 39 shades in matte and shimmer textures, this palette certainly lets you do just that!

 "As an artist starting off, I have always wanted the perfect rainbow eyeshadow kit but never been able to find it"

The top two rows of the palette include shades that can easily be worn as part of everyday makeup looks. The middle row has a collection of 7 larger eyeshadow pans. These are the most-used shades, whatever look you're creating. These include a matte white, perfect for setting your base, and a matte black to add depth and drama to any look. There's also a shimmering highlighter shade, plus 4 stunning warm-toned matte shadows - all you need to create any warm-toned smokey eyed look. Finally, The bottom two rows of the palette contain a full spectrum of rainbow shades both matte and metallic, with one stunning glitter shade added into the mix.

"I worked very closely with Morphe to formulate every single one of these shades to create literally the most bomb rainbow eyeshadow collection you will see in your entire life" 

Most of the matte shades in the palette are pressed pigments, making them the most vibrant, true-to-colour eyeshadows possible. James suggests packing on the colour pigments with a flat brush.

So that's The James Charles Artistry Palette - our verdict? It's unmissable!

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