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Bleach London Eco Coconut Bowl And Brush Kit

Bleach London Eco Coconut Bowl And Brush Kit

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Bleach London Eco Coconut Bowl And Brush Kit is a hair colouring tool kit that lets you mix, blend and apply your hair dye with ease. The reusable bowl and brush have made your bleaching and dying routine more eco-friendly than ever, removing the plastic bowls from each kit and instead using the same coconut bowl each time in a move towards sustainability.

Why you need it

Bleach London Eco Coconut Bowl And Brush Kit is a reusable hair tool kit containing a tint brush and bowl that lets you mix, blend and apply you colour, bleach and toner. Suitable for using over and over again, Bleach London has developed this kit to make your hair routine that little bit more sustainable. Removing the single use plastic pots from their products and replacing them with this reusable took kit, Bleach London have been able to reduce the single use plastics in their products. In addition to the reusability, the coconut bowl is made with sustainable materials by using salvaged coconut shells, a renewable resource, to further enhance the eco-friendliness of this kit. Minimise your impact on the environment while maximising your hair colour payoff with Bleach London and this Eco Coconut Bowl and Brush Kit!


The bowls are of food safe grade, meaning they can also be used as trinket bowls if you like!

What’s included:

Coconut Shell Bowl 300 ml
Plastic Tint Brush

Free from:

Vegan and cruelty free.

how to use

Use every time you bleach, tone, and colour your hair. Rinse well with water and dry immediately after use. Not dishwasher safe.

About the Brand

Bleach London is a cutting-edge haircare brand that is obsessed with colour! Providing professional standard home bleaches, colours, and care from London’s leading colour salon. Bleach London was founded by hair stylist Alex Brownsell and business partner Sam, who carried their idea from the kitchen sink to their own salon, the world's first with a focus on colour rather than cut. And soon, they developed a line of bleach kits, toners, semi-permanent dyes, and high-end care for bleached and coloured hair. The formulations have been tweaked and perfected over the last ten years. Alex Brownsell, Bleach London co-founder and international colour specialist, created their vegan, cruelty-free range, which graces the heads of celebrities, runways, magazine covers, and now your bathroom sink!


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