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Bondi Sands Technocolour Magenta 1 Hour Express Self Tan

Bondi Sands Technocolour Magenta 1 Hour Express Self Tan


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Bondi Sands Technocolour Magenta 1 Hour Express Self Tan is the ultimate tan for olive-toned skin, as the clinically curated formula ensures the ingredients work with your skin to deliver a deep bronzed look that compliments your natural skin tone and enhance your look. Get your glow on with this warm shaded tan that is tailored to your skin!

Why you need it

Bondi Sands Technocolour Magenta 1 Hour Express Self Tan is the new kid on the block in the tanning world! And its ready to take over! The expertly formulated tan has resulted following years of research and development in the tan industry, designed specifically for olive to deep skin tones. Experience a rich, deep-toned tan in just one hour, as the express tan works with your skin to deliver skin enhancement, colour and hydration at the dermal level. Delivering optimal tan results for olive to deep toned skin, the foam tanner uses high-level tanning actives to achieve a deeper colour, while the red-violet colour enhancers of Magenta counteract cool tones to ensure your colour has a warm and natural look, complementing your natural appearance.

Different skin tones have different compositions, so Bondi Sands developed the Technocolour Magenta foam to work for olive tones, with the exact level of electrolyte hydration benefits to add longevity to your tan and work with the natural hydration within your dermal barrier.

Skin tone:

Bondi Sands engaged in intensive research and development to deliver the newest innovations in the tanning industry - its Technocolour range. Formulated with high-level tan actives, the Technocolour Magenta 1 Hour Express Self Tan Foam is developed for olive to deep skin tones, with the perfect blend of ingredients to enhance skin appearance and bring your tan to a rich, warm tan. Magenta’s red-violet colour enhancers ensure a natural warm hue and counteract cool tones.


For best results, leave on skin for a minimum of 3 hours before washing off.

Free from:

Peta approved Cruelty free, Reef friendly, made with recycled material, Vegan friendly, Fragrance free.



how to use

Ensure skin is exfoliated, clean and free from moisturisers before use. Pump Bondi Sands Technocolour Magenta Self-Tanning Foam liberally onto a tanning mitt (we recommend the Bondi Sands Technocolour Green Mitt!). Apply to skin using long, sweeping movements. Let the tan develop for 1 hour before showering with warm water. Gently pat skin dry.

Key Ingredients

DERMACHROMATIC™ Colour Technology: An innovative approach to self-tanning that aims to provide natural and customized results for individual skin tones. This technology combines the optimal levels of self-tanning actives, electrolyte hydration, and colour enhancers to create a seamless and natural-looking tan that complements your unique skin tone.

Electrolyte Hydration: Electrolytes are essential minerals that help maintain the skin's moisture balance and hydration levels. Incorporating electrolytes into the formula ensures that the skin remains nourished and hydrated, promoting a healthy and radiant appearance.

Magenta Colour Enhancers: Colour enhancers are added to the formula to create a natural and authentic tan that mimics the appearance of a sun-kissed complexion. These enhancers contribute to the realistic and even distribution of colour across the skin.


Q: What colour can I achieve when using Technocolor Magenta?
A: Technocolor Magenta 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam has been formulated with high-level tanning active ingredients, electrolyte hydration and Magenta colour enhancers to produce a rich, deep toned tan for those with olive to deep skin tones.

Q: What’s the difference between Technocolour Magenta and the other products in the Technocolor Range?
A: Technocolor Magenta has been created for those with olive to deep skin tones and offers DermahcromaticTM Colour Technology; a unique blend of high-level tanning active ingredients, electrolyte hydration and Magenta colour enhancers to counteract any cool tones for a rich, deep toned tan.

Q: What does Magenta colour enhancers do for my skin?
A: Technocolor Magenta has been optimised for those with olive to deep skin tones, formulated with red-violet colour enhancers to help counteract cool tones and provide the most natural result.

Q: How has Technocolor Magenta been created for my skin tone?
A: Bondi Sands found that there was a direct correlation between increased melanin from sun exposure and adaptability to self tanning actives. Those with olive to deep skin tones, who experience increased melanin from either their natural skin tone or sun exposure, achieve their most natural results and colour longevity when using a high-level DHA. Technocolor Magenta has been created for olive to deep skin tones to provide them with a rich, deep toned tan, containing the perfect blend of high-level tanning active ingredients, electrolyte hydration and Magenta colour enhancers to counteract any cool tones for enhanced, natural skin.

Q: Can I leave this product on for longer than 1 hour?
A: Yes! Whilst the Technocolor range can be rinsed off after 1 hour with warm water, for best results it's recommend leaving on skin for a minimum of 3 hours.

Q: How long does this product last on my skin?
A: With every product created for optimised skin results, the Technocolor range offers increased colour longevity so you can get the most from your glow. Used and matched correctly to your unique skin tone, Technocolor can last up to a week, or longer, on skin. There are other variables that may affect these results, like change of season, cooler climates, or even the products you may use daily on your skin. However, Technocolor has been optimised for your unique skin tone to ensure it doesn’t affect the pH levels of your skin and speed the rate of natural skin exfoliation.

Q: What’s the difference between Technocolor and other Bondi Sands Self Tanning products?
A: Compared with their existing Self Tanning products, Technocolor uses a unique blend of varying ingredients across each shade, also known as DermachromaticTM Colour Technology. This innovative formulation offers an everyday alternative for you to achieve a natural glow, while other Bondi Sands Self Tan products can offer varying formats and shades to suit your desired tan, whether that be a sunkissed glow or your deepest result.

Q: Why are there four different shades in the Technocolor range?
A: There are four shades in the Technocolor range that vary in formula, perfectly blending the right levels of ingredients that are specifically created for varying skin tones to provide optimal results with every application. Each shade works with your unique skin tone to develop into enhanced, natural skin results.

Q: What research has gone into the making of Technocolor?
A: Technocolor has been clinically created alongside extensive research and development, backed by clinical skin trials that went beyond the surface of your skin to determine your most optimal results. Through this skin trial, Bondi Sands evaluated how varying skin tones react to increased levels of self tanning actives on skin, measuring colour, depth and longevity. Through these findings, they determined that each skin tone requires varying formulas to produce their most optimal results.

Q: What is DermachromaticTM Colour Technology and what will this do for my skin?
A: DermachromaticTM Colour Technology has been clinically curated through extensive research and development, providing guaranteed natural skin results by blending the optimum levels of self tanning actives, electrolyte hydration and colour enhancers for your unique skin tone.

Q: What kind of result will this produce on my skin tone?
A: Technocolor has been created to deliver results as unique as you are. Each product adapts to your unique skin function to produce optimal results that are tailored and bespoke to you. The result is not your deepest, darkest tan, but rather an enhanced, natural result that perfectly matches your skin tone.

About the Brand

Bondi Sands tan is all about the sun, sand, sea and safe tanning lifestyle! Inspired by Australia's most famous beach, they're also the makers of Kylie Jenner's favourite tan. The much-loved Bondi Sands Liquid Gold is a revolutionary self tanning dry oil that doesn't need rinsing and develops in 2-3 hours. Bondi Sands Ultra Dark self tanning foam is the perfect choice if you want a deep, dark tan, and don't forget the Tan Eraser whenever you need to prep your base for fresh tan, or gradual tan if you want a no-fuss way to top up your tan every day. Bondi Sands PURE range is Bondi's first ever sustainable self tanning range with skin loving ingredients and fabulous tanning! Bondi Sands Sun range has you covered if your looking for UVA & UVB protection while also providing nourishment and moisture to skin. Get your glow goin' on with Bondi Sands tan!


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