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Carter Beauty Paint & Decorate 10 Piece Luxury Brush Set

Carter Beauty Paint & Decorate 10 Piece Luxury Brush Set

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Carter Beauty Paint & Decorate 10 Piece Luxury Brush Set is a highly anticipated luxury 10 piece makeup brush set, ideal for the make-up bag of a beginner or pro.

Why you need it

Carter Beauty Paint & Decorate 10 Piece Luxury Brush Set is a newly designed brush set featuring 10 soft, fluffy & extremely versatile brushes. The brushes come with a vegan faux leather pouch to store everything you need to effortlessly create your beauty look. As with all Carter Beauty products, Paint & Decorate is 100% cruelty-free & Peta-approved.

What's Included:

Flat Blender Brush - Used to add depth to the crease and outer corner. Seamlessly blends shadows onto the lid.

Round Blender Brush - Used to add colour to crease of the eye. Perfect for buffing in your colour and blurring out harsh edges until you've achieved the perfect eyeshadow look.

Highlighter Brush - Perfectly designed with dense brush hairs to add highlight to the high points of your face.

Foundation Brush - Contains an innovative well in the centre of the brush where foundation can be placed for even dispersion of product across the face.

Powder Brush - Features soft, full bristles, allowing you to beautifully buff and blend blusher, bronzer and finishing powder evenly dispersed across the face.

Contour Brush - This brush is angled for precision application and can be used to add bronzer, contour creams and blush to the face.

Flat Brush - Multipurpose brush; Use to apply, distribute and blend foundation and concealer to all areas of the face for a fuller coverage.

Bullet Brush - Dense, rounded brush. Perfect for smoking out eyeliner and adding shadow to lower lash line.

Packer Brush - Perfect for packing glitter, foil and shimmer shadows onto the lid.

Dual Ended Brow Brush - Brows' best friend! Expertly apply brow pomades, powders and waxes with ease! Angled tip for precise application and a spoolie brush to create a more natural finish.

Free From:

Synthetic Fibres/Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Gluten and Soy Free, Fragrance Free

About the Brand

Carter Beauty Cosmetics was created by beauty expert, Marissa Carter, who expanded on her huge success of Cocoa Brown Tan to bring you Carter Beauty. Carter Beauty's line of makeup products from face primers, foundations and setting powders, to mascaras and eyeshadow palettes. Best-selling products include the full coverage, matt finish Full Measure HD Foundation, the Youth Boost Primer & Serum which is a Silicone based primer and fine precision tip Supreme Gel Liner. Their Miracle Measure Youth Boost Foundation is an award winning foundation, packed with skin loving ingredients. 



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