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SUVA Beauty Hydra FX

SUVA Beauty Hydra FX


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SUVA Beauty Hydra FX is the amazing water-activated cake liner that glows under UV light. Apply with makeup brush or sponge to create a statement eyeliner, face or body art look.



Cherry Bomb : SUVAHydraFX

Why you need it

SUVA Beauty Hydra FX gives you intense colour with a glow-y twist! This smudge-proof and transfer-resistant eyeliner gives you a powerful pop of opaque colour. It really comes to life under blacklight or UV light - it gives you a fluorescent glow! You can vary the consistency by adding more water, letting you create watercolour effects. SUVA Beauty Hydra FX won't fade - the colour stays true until it's removed. Fans love it for its ease of use, rich pigment and intense colour payoff. Use it to make a statement or add the perfect finishing touch to every look.

Free from:
Cruelty Free, Vegan

Hydra FX is not a gel liner and is not waterproof. You may notice that a UV reactive Hydra FX arrives with an odour. This smell is common with UV pigments. SUVA Beauty do not mask the smell by adding other scents, as it may cause irritation. The product is 100% safe to use and will go away over time.


Size: 10g


Product volume appearance may vary between shades. All finished products have a net weight of 10g.

how to use

To use SUVA Beauty Hydra FX, you will need your Hydra FX pot, water, and a brush. Wet your makeup brush thoroughly with water and mix it into your Hydra FX. Mix well - when you have a creamy consistency, it's ready to apply. Let the product air dry fully before resealing and storing.

Use a mixing palette to activate your liner - scrape a small amount of product from the pot and place on the palette. You can also mix shades to create your own custom colour.

About the Brand

SUVA Beauty makeup and brushes give you pro-quality tools at affordable prices. SUVA Beauty began in 2015 and offers you a range of bold, inventive and imaginative makeup and brushes. SUVA Beauty's colourful, pro-quality products aim to excite the artist and creator in everyone. The cult favourite, vegan-friendly Hydra Liners are water-activated, pigment-packed eyeliners (they're also perfect for face and body art). Hydra FX takes it up a level - these babies give off a fluorescent glow under UV light! For the most amazing results, use them with one of the SUVA Beauty eyeliner brushes. Try the ultra-ultra-fine Six Ten brush or the larger Six Forty.  All SUVA products are cruelty free.


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