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Revlon Professional Uniq 1 All In One Hair Treatment Coconut



Revlon Professional Uniq 1 All in One Hair Treatment Coconut is a limited edition scented version of the best selling original Uniq One All In One Leave-in Spray Hair Treatment. 

Why you need it:

Uniq 1 All in One Hair Treatment Coconut is the ideal partner for every day use for the best stylists and their most demanding customers.

A UNIQUE concept in hair treatment, which will break the rules of hair care.
1. Repair for dry & damaged hair
2. Shine & frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Silkiness & smoothness
5. Hair color protection / with uva & uvb filters
6. Easier brushing & ironing
7. Incredible detangling
8. Long-lasting hairstyle
9. Split ends prevention
10. Adds body

Uniq 1 All In One Hair Treatment Coconut can be used on wet or dry hair and leaves the hair beautifully soft and healthy with renewed shine and improved texture.

Instructions for use:
On wet hair:
• Apply at a 20cm distance from the hair.
• Use 6-8 sprays in short hair, 7-12 in medium hair and 10-15 in long hair.
• Detangle with a comb.
• Use your preferred styling product.
• Finish with your usual style: blow-dry, straighten, leave to dry naturally etc.
• Use your daily finishing product.
• Results: The hair is smooth, silky, shiny and protected.
On dry hair:
• Apply on the palm of your hand.
• Use 2-3 sprays in short hair, 3-5 in medium hair and 4-6 in long hair.
• Apply an appropriate amount of product to the palm of the hand and distribute over the hair from half-length down to the ends.
• If desired, use your styling product.
• Retouch the hair using a styling iron or hairdryer.
• If desired, use finishing product.
• Result: Ideal for refreshing your hair style and providing a long lasting, soft and silky finish.


Aqua (Water) (Eau),lCetearyl Alcohol, BehentrimoniumiChloride, Cylcopentasiloxane, Panthenol,lIsopropyl Alcohol, Quaternium-80,lPropylene Glycol, DisodiumiEDTA, Silk AminoiAcids, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate,lButyl Salicylate, Coumarin,lBenzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol,iMethylisothiazolinone.

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