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Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Spa



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The Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Spa is your new makeup brush care must-have. This clever gadget combines a makeup brush cleaning palette and brush drying stand. Fits up to 18 brushes.

Why you need it:
The  Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Spa is a combination of the Sigma Spa and the Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower in one amazing gadget.  Give your makeup brushes a thorough cleaning with the brush cleaning textures, then quickly and efficiently dry and reshape brushes with the brush drying stand. Holding up to 18 brushes, it's the perfect way to care for your brushes.

How to use:
1. Twist off the top and base and set to one side while you use the Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa core to wash your brushes.
2. Swirl your wet, soapy brush onto the face and eye brush cleaning textures for a thorough cleanse, then rinse.
3. When brushes are cleaned, replace top and base of the Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa.
4. Dry eye brushes by placing in the inner circle of the base.
5. Dry larger brushes by inserting handle first through the smallest elastic band it will fit through and work through so the band squeezes the brush fibres tightly to reshape.
6. Allow brushes to dry with bristles pointing downwards. 

Note: No brushes are included with this product.


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