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Spectrum Brush Clam Brush Cleaner



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Spectrum Brush Clam Brush Cleaner will help you get your beloved brushes squeaky clean and cut your brush cleaning time in half. 

Why you need it:
Spectrum Brushes Brush Clam Brush Cleaner is the perfect brush cleaner for aspiring merbabes. It will help you lather and foam your way to squeaky clean, silky soft brushes, getting rid of caked-in makeup. Looking after your makeup brushes ensures that your brushes enjoy a longer life.

How to Use:
Using warm water and a gentle cleansing solution, create a luxurious lather and foam by working your brush bristles into the groves of the clam, to ensure a deep clean. Make sure not get the brush ferrules wet. Afterwards, rinse brushes thoroughly and lay flat to dry. 

Spectrum offer bold, beautiful makeup brushes made from super soft, synthetic hair. Spectrum brushes are specially designed to respond to the latest makeup trends, so whether you want to perfect your contouring or cut crease, Spectrum have the brush for you! Choose from the vibrant signature collection, the elegant Marbelous range, the seductive Siren colours, or the fab Glam Clam makeup brush set. And that's not all - as well as amazing makeup brush kits, Spectrum have thought of everything, bringing you fab brush cleaners, makeup bags, brush rolls and more!

No unicorns or mermaids were harmed in bringing you these beautiful treasures - Spectrum brushes are vegan registered and cruelty free.