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ALISO Face Sculpting Beauty Tool

ALISO Face Sculpting Beauty Tool

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ALISO Face Sculpting Beauty Tool will give your skin the ultimate ‘Work Out’. The T-bar works by generating soft vibrations which stimulates blood flow leaving the skin with a radiant glow. Its key benefit lies in aiding lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, and sculpting, mimicking the effects of a professional facial. It's more than a facial massager; it's a transformative addition to your skincare routine.

Why you need it

ALISO Face Sculpting Beauty Tool will gently destress and revive your complexion, so it appears fresh and radiant. With its origins based in Japanese beauty, the vibrating T-bar not only aids with tightening, toning, and contouring the skin, it also helps skin absorb product, ensuring your serums and oils penetrate deeply for optimal results. Incorporating this tool into your daily routine promotes relaxation, reduces facial tension, and contributes to an overall more radiant complexion beaut!

For optimum results, use daily. The tool is designed ideally for use in conjunction with ALISO Supercharged Face Oil, which contains a world first one-of-a-kind formula. It can, however, be used with any type of face oil or serum.

how to use

Requires one AA battery. Battery not included

To begin: To switch it on, twist the end of the tool to the left. To switch if off, twist the end of the tool to the right.

Forehead: Using gentle strokes, move the T-bar upwards.

Cheeks: Begin just above the jaw, rolling under and over each cheekbone, upwards towards the ear.

Lips: Place the tool over your top lip and move it in an upward motion.

Jawline: Starting just underneath the chin, move the T-bar along the jawline up towards the ear.

Neck: Using smooth strokes, guide the T-bar in a downwards motion

Wipe clean with a dry or moist cloth. Do not wash with water.

If you suffer with an allergy to metal, please consult your doctor before commencing use. If you have an allergic reaction, please stop using the tool immediately.


Q: Can I use the Aliso Vibration Bar with any skincare product?
A: Yes, it's designed to work with your preferred face oil or serum, enhancing the absorption of active ingredients.

Q: How often should I use the Aliso Vibration Bar?
A: For optimal results, use the Aliso Vibration Bar daily as part of your skincare routine. A minimum of 5 minutes per session is recommended.

Q: Can the Aliso Vibration Bar be used on sensitive skin?
A: Yes, the gentle gliding motions of the tool make it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Adjust the pressure based on your comfort level.


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