Collection: Antipodes Vinanza Grape Collection

Vinanza Grape is an avant-garde antioxidant extract, meticulously sourced by Antipodes from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grape seeds. Unique to New Zealand, this ingredient boasts unparalleled concentrations of antioxidants, key in counteracting premature aging signs. Notably, these grapes from Marlborough have globally unmatched levels of polyphenolic antioxidants, which are essential in neutralizing environmental skin stressors.

Derived from pristine, sustainable vineyards, the innovative Vinanza® Grape seeds, combined with New Zealand superfruits like kiwi and boysenberries, form the potent Vinanza® range.

Research underscores the range's ability to enhance skin elasticity, reduce redness, brighten complexion, and combat free radicals.*

*Vinanza® antioxidants' efficacy is validated by clinical studies from New Zealand Extracts and the governmental entity, AgResearch.